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Welcome to the LITTLE THEATRE Gateshead home of the

Progressive Players

The Pitmen Painters

15th - 20th February2016

Progressive Players NEXT PRODUCTIONthe pitmen painters

The true story of how 'The Ashington Group' - a collection of Northumberland miners and a dental mechanic - employed a local art school to teach them art appreciation in 1934.


Within a decade they were acknowledged as the first school of English working class art. When does a man who learns to paint become a painter? Who owns art, and what makes it accessible?





Spring Season 2016

Progressive Players

Play Pictures

The 2016 Spring Season from the Progressive Players has been announced and includes 'The Pitmen Painters' the Northumberland mining drama based on a true story, a thriller 'Cliffhanger' and 'Nobody's Perfect' a comedy from playwright Simon Williams.


Early booking of tickets is advised or why not contact the box office and request a season ticket and get 5 plays for the price of 4!



Prescription for Murder

January 2016

Progressive Players LAST PRODUCTIONprescription for murder

Dr Richard Forth's life is never dull. A hectic work schedule, an awkward friendship with an ex-girlfriend and a wife constantly suffering from mystery illnesses make life interesting.


The arrival of a man who says he knows Richard's second fiancée, who the good doctor claims does not exist. and a possible killer intent on bumping off his wife, stretched Dr North's sanity to breaking point.




The Hound of the Baskervilles

December 2015

Progressive Players PAST PRODUCTIONdeath of a salesman

See three actors work like dogs as they play all of the characters in this irreverent version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's tale.


Holmes and Watson show dogged determination as they take on this terrier-fying case. Escaped convicts, country yokels, suspicious-looking women with beards - they're all here.




Death of a Salesman

November 2015

Progressive Players PAST PRODUCTIONdeath of a salesman

Arthur Miller's most famous work involves the ageing salesman Willy Loman, who just can't catch a break. With a life based on a smile and a shoeshine, Willy's dreams are insupportably vast yet dangerously insubstantial.


Humour and anguish, promise and loss, all encapsulated by the salesman's majestic grandiosity and captured within the four walls of an ordinary American home.





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